SERO is AEO Certified

SERO was granted the status of authorized economic operator.

A reliable, safe, and liquid business partner

On May 10th, 2021 SERO GmbH was granted the status of authorized economic operator (DE AEO-C 130779) by the main customs office in Saarbrücken.

Under the customs law of the European Union, this certification is only awarded to companies that are characterized by reliability, solvency, exemplary compliance with legal requirements and compliance with certain safety standards. For our business partners from abroad, this certification is a proof that the SERO GmbH is a reliable, safe and liquid business partner.

Securing our international supply chain

In addition to trust-building measures, the new certificate also comes with several privileges. In some countries, the lead times to our customers will be shortened. The application for customs permits will also be simplified in the future. In addition, security payments to the customs authorities can be reduced or even suspended. Finally, our international supply chain is secured throughout.

We are particularly pleased that our customers will benefit from this certification thanks to the shorter response and lead times, and we thank the “Stephan Bleicher Zollagentur” for their support.

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