Reduction of testing costs, fully automatically

For assemblies with low complexity, as well as for multi-use, we design testing lines, which work according to the magazine-to-magazine principle. With the testing systems developed and produced at SERO, we are again leading the pack in the degree of automation, testing technologies, and inspection costs.

They offer the possibility to integrate in-circuit testing, 100% functional testing, calibration/adjustment of the test object, parameter setting (e.g. in EEPROM), installing software (e.g. in FLASH), optoelectronic assembly control, high-voltage testing, and other technologies.

In-circuit Testing

Tailored testing technology

Besides ICT and functional testing, these machines are also able to do high-speed testing of LEDs on color, brightness, and diffusion of light with an optical screening process developed by SERO. Of course, the tested circuit boards can be equipped with a 2D-barcode in laser technology for exact identification.

Our testing technology, which is tailored to your product, the minimized testing times, as well as the automated processes, result in the unrivaled cost-effectiveness of the SERO testing systems – a cost advantage, which you should also secure for yourself.

High-volume series

For high-volume series, we produce highly integrated in-line testing systems for single circuit boards. The untested circuit boards are supplied, and the tested circuit boards are further transported, in machine-suitable trays. The handling and the actual testing of the circuit boards are done fully automatically.

State-of-the-art production facility

SERO has one of the most innovative, state-of-the-art machinery profiles on the market. Feel free to explore our production facility in Rohrbach.

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