Medical Technology

Steadily increasing speed of innovation drives the global growth of medical technology. The number of competitors and the time pressure are increasing and the complexity and diversity of technologies do likewise.

Consequently, in terms of the EMS industry, you will need a partner who inspires you with new impulses for the further development of your solutions. 

Where Automotive and Industry are our home markets, so is the Medical market. At SERO, we have the knowledge, experience, and organization needed to adapt to the challenging demands of this market.

Please convince yourself of our innovative strength in medical technology.

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Medical Technology 

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Medical Technology

In addition to being IATF 16949 certified, our sister companies in Slovakia and US have been ISO 13485 certified for over a decade.

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SERO has one of the most innovative, state-of-the-art machinery profiles on the market. Feel free to explore our production facility in Rohrbach.

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